Wednesday, 9 February 2011

vintage needlework, baby bonnets

Vintage needlework, underwear !

details of nightdress and crotchless bloomers/pantaloons. Now we look askance at the bloomers....popular belief is that Queen Victoria invented them.....but so practical if you have to maneuver heavy skirts and underskirts with only one pair of hands !!

Vintage needlework, shirt and bodice!

My cousin bought these at a car boot, lucky devil ! I was allowed to handle and photograph them though. The detail on them and the standard of work is impressive. They were said to belonged to one woman and presume all her own work. The initials PA are embroidered on the inside and that set me thinking.......why....? Rightly proud of her handiwork? in service? one of a number of sisters ?  I was fascinated by the construction especially the tiny gathers of the sleeves and the reinforcements on the shirt.The top pics are of a shirt and the construction of the sleeves. The bottom pics of a tiny bodice trimed with crochet lace. There was an underskirt to go with this and the shape suggested the edwardian period.