Wednesday, 11 May 2011

belly cast

I do pregnant ladies belly casting, this one was covered in lace and trimmed with velvet ribbon and ruffled lace around the edges. Sometimes ladies say that they feel like a beached whale in the later stages of pregnancy so I make the cast look like a basque so show off their "mother earth" curves. This lady was delivered of a lovely baby girl, mother and baby doing well. Another lady covered hers in silk flowers which looked gorgeous. See  Novembver 6th post for belly cast with hands hugging bump and making a heart shape.


These tall fishing net sheds are unique to Hastings, they look so strange clumped together.
I have a very ill friend who lives in this area which is why I had a short holiday in Eastbourne. I had a few days holiday and a few days seeing Helen. Her flat is on the top floor of the block and she can see the south downs through one window, the sea through another. Through another window she can see a fire station where the beefy firemen do a lot car washing ...for charity!


Forgotton where to rotate the pics !!

I bought this in Brighton at the MITZ shop. Its made of M&Ms packets woven together by women workers at MITZ in Mexico. The women earn a living wage, give a percentage to a school to keep it going to educate the poorer children. Their own children get an education as well.
I bought it for my daughter forgetting that she is has leather straps.... SO I will just have to use it myself !!!! Well I can't let it go to waste, can I ??


In the "lanes" shopping area of Brighton was this clothing shop. The windows, including the ones in the upper floors were FILLED with old hand sewing machines. Such an incredible sight, worth going just to see them !!

 The Royal Pavillion needs another trip to take it in. The onion domes have been painted with preservative so the wonderful verdigris clolour has gone. Shame.

Eastbourne beach

At intervals along the beach are areas of dark grey, made up of these shells. In amongst them is a lot of thin ones with holes in. I have an idea to use these in a small wall hanging but it involves felt and the suitcase with the fleece in is inaccessable at the moment.....
Just had a battle with computer to put these pictures on. I wanted the top picture at the bottom but the computer wouldn't let me. When I add a picture it appears on top of the previous I thought....I would put the top pic in first so that the other on would appear on the top. Thats what normally happens. The computer it seems knew I was going to do that and refused to play ball. I deleted it to start again but it still did it. GERR

Eastbourne beach

No sand here, just large pebbles, remarkably all similar size and shape.  Each year the sea washes the stones down the beach and out to sea. Each year the sea is dredged for the pebbles which are redeposited on the beach. They are dumped at the top end of the beach but until the sea washes some down there is  high shelf and a big drop.