Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas present

This bottle of wine remains full. It was one of several presents from my daughter, Angie. We were unable to solve it  for a Christmas tipple or to toast the New Year...... Yes, we have Googled for the solution..... to our frustration, it says it is the SIMPLEST puzzle..... I don't feel so bad as four of us tried to solve it. Ours doesn't look quite the same as the one being solved on Google although it has the same name. I can't get back to the way it was when we started.
Naturally we have come to the conclusion it was assembled wrongly in the first place (it must happen occasionally) lol As I see it, I have two choices....use it as a sign to stop enjoying a glass or two occasionally and forsake alcohol from now on..................OR TAKE A PAIR OF SCISSORS TO IT, cut the cord AND DRINK IT !! Happy New Year everyone !