Saturday, 9 January 2016

Sue Stone this months speaker at EYEs

I usually leave it to Lyn to post about the speaker at EYES but she is currently in charge of the I remembered to click a few shots....
Google Sue Stone, textile artist from Grimsby... across the River Humber from Hull..check out  and the review of stuff and nonesense exhibition.
She was a fashion designer who turned to textiles and is now chair of 62 Group of Textile Artists.
She mainly uses a simple straight stitch to most of the work.
Check this one out.....all done in running stitch/straight stitch.....hopefully they will enlarge when you click on them....fabulous

The painted bricks help give depth to the depicts the women who worked at her fathers tailoring business. The single woman's head is that of Sue's mother. The whole of the stitching is running stitch in it's various applications creating a stunning array of patterns. What attracts me so much to these is the single simple stitch and single colour thread so creatively used.
When I worked in the community people didn't want to start creating until they had gone out and spent money they couldn't afford buying "good" equipment as if that was going to turn them into a famous artist...instead of creating with what they had and making something unique.
There were about ten or so self portraits, one for each year, the rest can be found on the internet. Again all in running stitch and and I think the coloured work is all hand embroidered in running stitch too. (but have some machine straight stitch..I'm not sure) The talk was was very interesting, and I could hear it all over again tomorrow !

On the members display table....

 Jackie got this book from the Green Fayre on the 21st of November.....and produced these in such a short time.....she can turn her hand to anything...but I think her days of climbing tree stumps to carve them are over now !
Rachels butterflies
 my apologies the name is not readable....and memory useless

Margaret's work
 Brenda's work...printed background with fabric gowns....

silk and wool fibres hand wet felted...again complacent that the name tags will say it all for me...apologies again.
I am still waiting for the work on my house to be finished....I have given away sack loads of fabric...and other volume...the size of a single bedroom has gone...and lo and behold...the rest of it has spread to fill the space.....and its as if I never gave away anything !!
Happy, healthy new Year to anyone who wanders by this blog post.....
Check out Lyn's blog for a lot more info and pictures...liniecat@large