Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Flying folded book Angels and witches and others

Basic instructions for folded books was in November 2011 post. The wings can be inserted like above, can fly too. 
Or using the book pages by folding up from the bottom and the other has them folded down from the 
The folded book angels I put up last November are still getting a lot of views so I put some more up. If you think about it.....ditch the wings and spray them black add a pointy hat, a cape and a broomstick........

I wondered if these would be of interest too. Back in 2000 I started to be involved with the angel parades in Hull which were around Christmastime. It was a means of uniting communities on a run down Housing Estate and was the brainchild of a lady called Mary. I was engaged to run angel workshops on a shoestring.....and these were the first angels we made. They would have been almost an A4 size due the size of card that the local Scrap Store had....but any rectangle and even a square works. (if you think about it a circle works too) We found the centre of the short side of the card and drew a line from there to the outside edge forming the wings. The first angel was originally created to use up the huge quantity of baguette bags Scrap Store had in and were not moving fast enough ! The top of the bag was slid over the top of bottom of the bag so that the inner bit was still a bag and the outer bit made a skirt. This was the prototype and the actual ones they made were stuffed with tinsel for a bit of bling which would sparkle under the street lights. The children dangled, flew, and danced the angels along on a piece of wool. Later we would put chopped up tinsel, gold and iridescent shapes in so the could shake them to keep the little ones amused. By rearranging the shapes you can make the angel fly! They got covered in glitter...tissue...printing blocks...paint...cloth...and a lovely one using old net curtain and foils.. The boys made robot angels!!!!!
Three areas of Hull still do the angel parade.
These simple shapes continued to be developed into a Nativity with wise men and shepherds...using old Christmas cards...... folded standing figures..... cloth tree ornaments....rag dolls.....embossed aluminium cola cans....each year the basic figure got reinvented with different materials to decorate it with.
we made costumes, streamers on poles, bottle angels, lit up angels, angel hats.....and loads more.
switch to black card for witches.....................