Thursday, 30 August 2012

August Bank Holiday

On holiday during a very brief interlude when the rain stopped I managed to take a few snaps..... just outside the was a short interlude...!! Another day on a visit to an antiques place....note the rain....I snapped these wonderful penny farthing  bike racks....I thought I had snapped a fantastic seat as well .....but its not on the camera......I know where it was I just can"t spell it !! OK looked it up...Alfreton.... And lastly...did I mention it had been raining? a number of roads were flooded on the way back.....Weird isn't it how you think you have the subject in the viewfinder....only find later you have half a picture of the subject and half of the dashboard in front of you.........Went to a wonderful cheap price bookshop near Buxton...spent £27 on 7 books....fantastic !

Boozy Bird Table

The bird table had a thatched roof originally but the birds made use of the thatch for their nests ! Thanks to Tim the base has been repaired and thanks to a neighbour who contributed the larger cans, the roof has been tiled ! I cut them on the Cuttlebug machine using two sizes of a tag die and then embossing them. The birds are happily using it...

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

New grandson......Finlay.....7Ib 3oz about an incubator for a few day to monitor breathing.....Looks gorgeous.....daughter and her husbands first and at the moment many of us said that ? Well done both of you, he looks so beautiful..

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cheating at ATCs

A friend recently had an opening for his exhibition and wanted people to bring along an ATC to swop on the night.....or make one when there.  I had unearthed earlier in the week  the sheet of ripped glossy magazine strips, which had been glued down, rubbed with car polish stuff to take the colour out, randomly scraped over with paints.....and abandoned until I knew what to do with it. Using a "window" off an envelope I looked for interesting compositions within the page. Cut out some ATC bulk out my offering on the night. Thinking I might enlarge some to see what the look like.........Hmm

Sunday, 5 August 2012

£1 bargain

A local charity shop is the "end of the line" for donated goods. They have tried to sell them for a higher price in various locations and eventually end up in my local shop. Everything is 25p 50p or £1. Adult clothing is £1. This dress had padded power sleeves, with ruffled net to make the sleeve stand out, and was crusted with beads and sequins. One evening of watching television with a stitch ripper soon filled these used 8" soft drinks bottles. I didn't bother to unpick the sequins but I kept the shoulder pads to make wrist pin cushions and I also kept the red net. Bargain!!