Sunday, 5 August 2012

£1 bargain

A local charity shop is the "end of the line" for donated goods. They have tried to sell them for a higher price in various locations and eventually end up in my local shop. Everything is 25p 50p or £1. Adult clothing is £1. This dress had padded power sleeves, with ruffled net to make the sleeve stand out, and was crusted with beads and sequins. One evening of watching television with a stitch ripper soon filled these used 8" soft drinks bottles. I didn't bother to unpick the sequins but I kept the shoulder pads to make wrist pin cushions and I also kept the red net. Bargain!!


  1. I saw that dress in Dallas worn by Sue Ellen ...... Im sure!!!
    and of course, you were short of beads werent you...........? LOL
    A bargain !

  2. They will be perfect for Christmas tree ornaments I intend twiddling with when the nights draw in.....and complement the zillions of other beads I already have......would have been a crime to let it go to land fill....although it might have amused Time Team excavations in years to come....