Monday, 29 November 2010

box for a box

Someone gave me this box of wine to finish, just pop it in the fridge and help yourself whenever you fancy a drop they said. Hmm. Too easy to drink more than I intended so I'll stick to bottles. At least they come with a built in guide, bottle half empty, or bottle empty !
Anyway, the box came in handy for a spot of weaving. Folded magazine paper, folded so that the edges are folded inside for strength. Just needs a quick varnish now to strengthen it. Handy sized box.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

lovely day today

The snow came down to a depth of 4inches, and fell in big proper snowflakes like white cornflakes fluttering down. Magical ! Snow like this is unusual and its so early as well. The phone never stopped ringing which is quite unusual too. AND I had a couple of hours with the neighbours children making bottle angels. (they call me nonna jean ) I first made plastic bottle angels in the year 2000 for the Angel Parade on a rundown housing estate. I was involved with it for a few years. The idea has spread to two other estates across Hull. So for 10yrs I have run workshops for it or have seen my ideas reproduced year after year in three areas of Hull. Great ! Love it!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

another follower !

Hi and welcome whoever you are ! I am still amazed anyone reads this stuff ! I discovered the Stats button/tab whatever its called and was amazed at the list of countries that would appear to have looked at my blog.  Doing a blog is all part of a conspiracy to drag me into the 21st century and getting to grips with all the gadgets TV controls and handsets oops, no, they are remotes, must get the lingo right! All I need is to borrow next doors children because they know how to do it ! I think they are born with it nowadays. OK so I can use a mobile phone although I resisted for years. I do find them useful when the name of something or other that I couldn't remember suddenly pops into my mind and I can text whoever I was talking to......before I forget it again !! Lol.  Now if I was competent with computers I would know how to "talk" to my followers but I'm not! I tried to do a message but it would seem I have to follow my own blog to be able to do it.??? So a big hello to anyone who stumbles across my blog and I hope you find something you like.

Sunday, 7 November 2010


I faffed about with a crumpled tissue background, a collage of old sheet music and novel pages, a painted cream background and none of them looked right. I knocked back the cream to off-white and that that seemed to work best. Not that it that it looks much different in the photo.The blue-green wool blanket backing was simply blanket stitched and stuck down to the canvas and I decided that would "do". Think I will make them smaller now, on a single wool backing and extend the idea to more robin like colours, a christmas tree, a fairy and maybe stars and presents. We'll see!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

post op bird therapy

OK stil haven't mastered this flipping computer. I'm sure that there is some logical reason why the computer has a mind of it's own and does what it wants. GERR.

OO..... wondering if next time I put some text next to the photo before adding more photos..... will that do it I wonder....? Back to this bit, wonder if I delete top two photos and re import (or whatever the jargon is) after the last picture, if the flipping computer would be fooled  into leaving the text along side the gingham bird?

Anyway, as I was going in hospital for a little op I put together some bits and pieces to occupy my hands while I recovered, and this is what I made.
I was thinking of making Christmas-y things but got side tracked into to these birds.
The gingham framed bird is made from recycled men's suiting, brown trousers, a shirt and a bit of old woollen blanket on a old picture frame.
The other birds are just laid on white, deep 8ins canvases while I decide if I should paint the canvases cream or cover in newsprint and music scores. Alternately  I could blanket stitch them to material and then put that over the canvas frame. Don't know yet will mull this over. These birds are in various fabrics and double mounted on old blankets and slightly padded.         I rather like them.