Sunday, 7 November 2010


I faffed about with a crumpled tissue background, a collage of old sheet music and novel pages, a painted cream background and none of them looked right. I knocked back the cream to off-white and that that seemed to work best. Not that it that it looks much different in the photo.The blue-green wool blanket backing was simply blanket stitched and stuck down to the canvas and I decided that would "do". Think I will make them smaller now, on a single wool backing and extend the idea to more robin like colours, a christmas tree, a fairy and maybe stars and presents. We'll see!


  1. I really like them, and now you have a flock!
    They could be doves as well as robins, but wearing chearful recycled garb! An odd mistle toe or holly leaf n berry could make the xmas point link?
    And one needs welly boots and maybe a scarf....its winter after all!

  2. Ooo like the welly boots and a headscarf....