Monday, 29 November 2010

box for a box

Someone gave me this box of wine to finish, just pop it in the fridge and help yourself whenever you fancy a drop they said. Hmm. Too easy to drink more than I intended so I'll stick to bottles. At least they come with a built in guide, bottle half empty, or bottle empty !
Anyway, the box came in handy for a spot of weaving. Folded magazine paper, folded so that the edges are folded inside for strength. Just needs a quick varnish now to strengthen it. Handy sized box.


  1. now you see I prefer the box to the bottle lol
    nice weaving tho!

  2. by the way, to contact the followers, you do have to sign in again as it were, but your going thru the security proceedure I guess thats all, so try again and you will get thru to them :)