Saturday, 4 December 2010

snow, snow , snow

The weight of the snow has snapped guttering brackets at the front of the house and added a worrying "belly" to the guttering at the back. The snow keeps dropping of the roof and blocking both my front door and back ! My "bus shelter" with the Wall in has a good 8" of snow on top and the polycarbonate roof is beginning to bow slightly.
I tried to dislodge the snow on the bellying guttering at the back of the house and started an avalanche of roof snow, I got covered and ended up in 2feet of snow (already standing on 18inches of snow). In seconds the snow was freezing round my wellies and I had to be dug out!
I know other parts of the world cope with this yearly but it really is rare in the UK especially this time of year. The last time I remember it like this was 1996 and before that in the late 1970s/early 1980s.
My lovely neighbours have cleared my drive daily but as its continuing to snow they are now just clearing a path to my house which is all I need really and the front garden is already full of snow...... where else can we put it ? The another neighbour gets me some shopping when she or her mother goes to the supermarket and another neighbour takes me to hospital clinic appointments and brings me home again. I am so very fortunate with my neighbours.

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  1. Im emptying a 22 gallon water butt twice daily because of a break in my back gutter since my neighbour faffed with his! Thankfully its not discharging into my foundations though........I have to empty it bucket by buket into the drain!
    Am sure this is character building!
    Is your dad stuck at the coast or in Spain though!!!