Tuesday, 14 December 2010

bottle angel

The bottle angel can be made on any size bottle.  The circle of fabric, we use net curtain, is double the length of the bottle. A length of the header (where you slot the curtain rod or wire) is used for the arms. The head is made from ladies tights  or some stretchy fabric that can be stuffed to  the right size and fasten around the neck of the bottle. The circle of fabric has a hole in the middle for the head and two slots for the arms. Wiggle the head through the hole for the head in the net curtain and remodel the head back into shape. Tie a ribbon at each end of the arm material for the hands. Thread the arm through the arm hole at one side around the back of the bottle and out of the other hole. Flip it inside out and glue the base of the head to the bottle lid. Turn it the right way round. Tie a ribbon under the arms, add some wings and some hair, a face if you like and its done. If see through material is used cover the bottle with paper or material before you start.The nativity can be made in the same way. I have made these out of plastic carrier bags for outdoors. I attached them to a stick and secretly placed them in a neighbours garden. I managed to make a circle of them around a central bush without being rumbled. I used to make these with children for the angel parade workshops.

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