Friday, 31 December 2010

Christmas tree

In the 1970s I found a wallpaper shop that sold unusual tree ornaments at Christmas time. These were admired by my mum who asked me to buy one each for two of her sisters Ada and Lily. They soon were asking me to get three special ornaments so they could have one and give one to each of the other sisters. So each year I had to get 3 lots of 3 different ornaments and carry them carefully home as they were glass. Mum died and I mentioned at the celebration of her life how the 3 sisters had this little ritual and to look on the Christmas tree for the man in the moon, two children on a sledge, a child wrapped around a huge snowball, a mini car, the funny doll like figures, the polar bear with lantern, the coffee pot, clock, turkey, owl etc. After the service, the tree ornament story had brought back many memories so I invited her only surviving sister, Ada, some nieces and her daughter in law to come and take their pick of some of mums collection of tree ornaments. Others asked if they could have some to remember her by because they remembered the fuss that Aunt Lilly and Aunt Ada and my mum made of the Christmas tree.

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  1. They are as lovely to see in real life, well worth showing folks ..many will remember
    similar ones from their youth Im sure.
    The cat ones the best lolol