Saturday, 2 February 2013

day out

had a great day out today......visited a gallery....had lunch in a quirky cafe bar with see pictures pop over to liniecat@linecat.blogspot or look up The Ropewalk at Barton's website. There are two galleries, an artist/makers shop,a number of artist studios, a museum and a wonderful cafe.
Martin Waters had his show "The Passage of Time" in one gallery. His inspiration for the Poppy Clock came from his collection of postcards of the floral clocks in municipal gardens. We had one in our local park when I was a child....a visit to the park was not complete without seeing the clock before we went home. Sadly it stopped appearing when the man who maintained the clock mechanism retired and no one took it on.
There were two collections of floral clock postcards on the wall....all celebrating one moment in time....the exact time the photo for the postcard was taken....which is unknown ....often the photographer is not named nor is the person who designed the floral layout of clock for that year and gardener(s) who grew the plants, planted it up and maintained it not to mention the man who maintained the clock movement. So many unknown men....remembered not by knowing or name but through these postcards.
Known and unknown people at the moment in time on the Poppy Clock are Remembered and Honoured in many countries for the sacrifices they made. For the last couple of years Martin has invited  the public to lay a poppy on the floor of Holy Trinity Church and a sea of red flowed around the church in remembrance.
In the other gallery Alice Fox showed her "Textures of Spurn" a body of work from her Residency at Spurn National Nature Reserve on the narrow spit of land that juts out into the North sea and the River Humber. Each year the road is breached to some extent.....sometimes the road is washed away. I remember a WW1 railway track down the middle of the road.....long since washed away now. It is so precarious now that the Lifeboat Stations families who lived there have been moved off. And more of the wild life moved on.
Hung on the walls of the gallery were large textile pieces covered in marks and stains of rust, and imprints of ?wooden groynes. Some lovely collographs of found objects, seaweed etc. Folded books with collographs, tide marks, stains etc. Hauntingly beautiful
Check out the ropewalk and the artists at