Wednesday, 6 April 2011

rust play 2

Lyn gave me an old sweets tin with hair grips, old fashioned clip rollars and these crocodile "marcel" wave clips in. These had got damp and were rusting away.....So I clamped the crocodile clips to some material,wet it with salted water, rolled it up and put elastic bands around it and dropped it into a plastic container....Too inpatient to leave them any length of time I unravelled them after a few hours with great results. I have one more which I am leaving 24hrs......well maybe.....

freeform everything

Another piece I found whilst rummaging, it should have a similar piece to go with it. Bits of knitting, crochet and felted jumper pieces mixed up together. I just had fun with no real idea of the finished piece in mind which is might explain why I never finished it  ! !

needle felt

I have been recovering from the effect of radio therapy for the last couple of months. The fatigue meant that I had little interest in doing anything crafty or looking at the books I'd been lent. I intended sorting out my studio but all I did was make a bigger mess. On the plus side I found this, the first piece of needlefelting I did some years ago. I remember being quite pleased with it for a first attempt.