Monday, 26 March 2012

wine rack upcycled

wondered what I could do with other than take it to charity shop........have empty plastic bottles.....I cut the bottles using the label as a straight edge.........and filled it up with the things the children next door like to use when they come round for a craft session........felt tips, colouring pencils, scissors. rulers, coloured paper and stickyback plastic......wonder when they are next free?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

This is Ellen and she enjoyed herself over a few days conceiving and constructing her T Rex during a half term holiday.
Ok figured some of it out but why does it need to redesign a simple layout to a more complicated one ?????? OK no publish button now, is it the update button ? Don't know but will try that one....

misplaced widget

found the widget to put photos on computer, so here goes , see if I remember how to do it. OK so the way I can post has changed and how to put photos on has changed.....GERRRRR. When the !@*? computer updates itself to a new improved version could it please up date my brain at the same time !
What you can't see is the 4ft 6" T Rex made with the little girl next door.....