Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Ice on the fountain Kingston Upon Hull UK

In 60yrs I have lived here I have never seen the fountain like this. Its like a fantastic ice sculpture. Talked to someone who said they had been to photograph it daily as it is growing and changing all the time.
The fountain is surrounded by flower beds which are spectacular when in flower. It is laid out like wheel with the fountain as the hub and the footpaths the spokes of the wheel. The fountain was refurbished a few years ago and now is sometimes lit up at night which is quite romantic.
Behind the trees is the old victorian Queens Dock which was filled in before I was born and is now known as Queens Gardens. It is laid out as public park where concerts and other entertainments are held. The statue of William Wilberforce was originally just across the road from the fountain but now is at the other end of Queens Gardens.
I have NEVER seen anything like this, it shows how unusual the weather is. Minus 6 today.                                                                                                               AND the downstairs loo is FROZEN at home !!


  1. Fabulous pics Jean! Hadnt expected the water to be still running, youd think the pipes would have frozen up! Especially since yours and my extention loos are frozen lol
    These are abit Mother Shiptons Well's limestonhe formations arent they.........but much prettier!

  2. did you spot the Giacometti like figures on the left of picture 4 ? Like this picture, might have to do something with it !

  3. I heard about this this afternoon when during a lesson about expressing emotions, one of my Entry 1 ESOL students managed to create this sentence, with some help: "I was surprised when I saw a frozen fountain in Hull" (ESOL: English for Speakers of other languages). I wasn't just surprised, I was astonished and had to look it up on the net so found your blog. It's fabulous! To think I drove through Hull en route for Brid on Xmas Eve and didn't know about it...

  4. I saw the fountain from the bus and returned the next day to photograph it because I couldn't believe MY eyes!I have never seen the fountain like this before, pure magic! Well done to your student not only for their sentence but also for being instrumental in you finding this blog! Glad you like it, thankyou.