Friday, 31 December 2010

frozen pond and the birds

Not far from where I live is a public park, East Park, one of several in Hull. The pond in it was dug out during the great depression when work was scarce. Men turned up with sacking tied to their feet as they had no boots to work in.
During the summer we have masses of Canadian geese and see them later in the year practising flying in V formations before they fly off for winter pastures.
Some birds stay and do not venture off. Here they are on the frozen lake. They come waddling towards any human in the hopes of food.
From the footprints in the snow on the lake many people have walked across it and while I was there I saw a man walk across with his dog ! Must be the first time in years that the fire brigade hasn't had to rescue anyone who had fallen in while "testing" the thickness of the ice.

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