Wednesday, 3 November 2010

post op bird therapy

OK stil haven't mastered this flipping computer. I'm sure that there is some logical reason why the computer has a mind of it's own and does what it wants. GERR.

OO..... wondering if next time I put some text next to the photo before adding more photos..... will that do it I wonder....? Back to this bit, wonder if I delete top two photos and re import (or whatever the jargon is) after the last picture, if the flipping computer would be fooled  into leaving the text along side the gingham bird?

Anyway, as I was going in hospital for a little op I put together some bits and pieces to occupy my hands while I recovered, and this is what I made.
I was thinking of making Christmas-y things but got side tracked into to these birds.
The gingham framed bird is made from recycled men's suiting, brown trousers, a shirt and a bit of old woollen blanket on a old picture frame.
The other birds are just laid on white, deep 8ins canvases while I decide if I should paint the canvases cream or cover in newsprint and music scores. Alternately  I could blanket stitch them to material and then put that over the canvas frame. Don't know yet will mull this over. These birds are in various fabrics and double mounted on old blankets and slightly padded.         I rather like them.

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