Saturday, 23 October 2010

Larkins toads

Larkin was a Poet and Librarian at Hull University and he made Hull his home for 25yrs. We have just celebrated his life and times in Hull with various events. One of which was the Toad trail which initially caused much controversy but in the end was much loved by the public and raised a lot of money for local charities. Go to or liniecat blogspot for the low down on LarkinsToad Trail in one of her posts.
The children who live nextdoor to me were big fans of the toad trail and tried to see every one of them. The eldest one (8yrs old) wanted to make a toad for her dads birthday and this is what she made.

First she drew the design before making the toad with half a cardboard Easter egg, scrunched up newspaper and modeling clay. It was covered in Modroc before painting. She also took all the photos and intends documenting the stages in a booklet. 
I enjoy having the children round my house to make things

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