Monday, 4 October 2010

misplaced camera

I have misplaced my camera, it will be somewhere in this house but it could be just about anywhere ! My new years resolution was to use up what I have and not buy new resouces ......... lol...... impossible to do ! However I did find a box of birds I had been making and then got side tracked by something else. So finished off some of them and they "flew" away and I never finished off the rest and so they got packed away again while I did something else........ Anyway having found them AGAIN I thought I would finish them off and photograph them and put them on the blog....... Can't find the camera...... So I will share the birds when I do find it....... so long as I don't get side tracked again........ I am also trying to fix the washing machine AGAIN It's been out of action, got fixed and now will work but not drain away...... Had to have the central heating fixed as it wouldn't turn off...... even when it WAS turned off....a curtain pole fell off the wall, had it fixed and then had to get someone else to fix it AGAIN properly...... I think I see a pattern emerging here !

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