Sunday, 6 November 2011

bellycast with hands

Sometimes I do the cast with the mum standing and sometimes like this, sitting and leaning back on a chair. Gemma wanted to hug her bump and try to form a heart shape with her fingers and thumbs. The "bump" was affectionately known as Freddie. As you can see she is bound up in clingfilm (saran wrap) When I have finished and want to take it off I simply cut through the cling film at the back. The final cast was trimmed up a bit and painted white as requested to keep the look of the plaster bandage while sealing it. While dad was in hospital his grand daughter was also on the labour ward giving birth to little Freddie. (the name stuck) I had my first cuddle of Freddie last friday....lovely.......See May blog post for another belly cast.


  1. The belly cast is beautiful! I love the hand/heart. Welcome Freddie, I wish you a life full of joy and love.

  2. I'll add health to your wish Jeannie....I used to be a nurse on the baby ward...and I found myself "checking" him out lol, habits and training stick in the mind.....

  3. really like the hands on tum and heart bit.....lovely