Sunday, 11 December 2011

dads local dialect videos

Gemma, my neice, the girl in the last bellycast pictures got my dad  to recite some of his local dialect poetry and the monologue Albert and the Lion made famous by Stanley Holloway, The Innkeeper, one of Arthur Jowetts (a local dialect poet), and put them on youTube. When I know how how to I will put it here, but if you are interested youtube Bob Wilkie, the older guy not the young sporty one ! Dad started writing poetry many years ago when his dad died, it gave him something to focus  all the memories on. He had his verses published in the local paper and was a regular on the local BBC Radio some years ago with something topical. Since then one of his poems would  be requested from time to time by a listener over the years, especially Colours of Hull, Grandmas Grub or Blackleaded Stove.
Below is a link to see the videos on youtube.

Click here to view the videos

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