Sunday, 16 September 2012

Open Studios day out with Lyn

Open Studios pamphlet. Lyn fancied a ride out to the beach for a blast of fresh air and the open studios event was a great excuse.....and she invited me along.....a welcome change of scene.....and activity.... So we headed out to Bridlington. Managed to get parked easily in the Harbour car park and the first thing I wanted to snap was the fishing boat that was out of the water for repairs... and the lighthouse outlined in the grassy bank.

love the one with tyres

On the way to the Spa to see the first lot of artists work  we passed this wonderful public art work, I think it is fabulous and brings Brid into the 21st Century (it had been looking a little run down) The Spa it's self has also had a make over and looks rather splendid now. We peeked into the ballroom and a dancing competition was being judged. In the past it had been a venue for many big named headlining acts. Lyn posted the art works on show on her blog Liniecat@Large. We stopped for a snack as there was a window seat available .....panoramic views of the south bay. Almost empty beach, tide out, sun dazzling....all emphases the vastness of the bay. I wondered about how to capture it in to get the dazzle.....We went to Prospect Studios and saw more fascinating to see whats on the walls and bookshelves that influences them, and great to see that they are in use on a regular basis. Lyn has commented on the art work all of which I agree with. I shared a studio space where messages were left on notice boards and little work was created and the space used to dump stuff. Not good for the muse....
I couldn't pass this rusty gate..........took 15 photos and not one of the whole gate lol. Lyn snapped me busy taking pics of the gate with my carrier bag dangling from my mouth.........see it over on her blog ! Sometimes only two arms are not enough !
we also couldn't pass the charity shops....where I bought may be a while before I use you'll have plenty of time to guess what I want it for........I'll give you a clue..not candles........
All in all a great day out. Thanks Lyn. We finished it off by going to Hornsea on the way back for tea......too late to see the open studios there......but there's always next year......Could go the next weekend it's open but 
somebody called Lyn has roped me in to demonstrate rag rugging at a music festival then.......


  1. Cornucopia is the last wknd lol !!

  2. you're right! more open studios or that place at Sunk Island....? Stone Creek ? Had trouble all month with dates...brain's in lah lah