Friday, 3 May 2013

Erica Wilson book

Lyn posted about finding Erica on Embroidery book ....these are pictures from another of her books...Erica Wilson's Christmas World.... I've been buying up Christmas making books from the charity shops as I believe that everything comes back round again....old ideas get revamped and brought up to date. Lyn shows a recently published pompom book.....Erica did some in the 1980s in this book.... Love the owls she did. Much of the book is in black and white, patterns are full sized to trace....and clear concise instructions.
a needlepoint angel updated but using vintage stitch patterns
A quilted Nativity triptych ....(imagine it with shaded voiles...foils etc) I love the fact that there are little pockets to tuck the angels in the clouds etc. Could always do a traditional one as well....
these made in this seasons colours....use ribbons instead of wool for stars and icicles etc and they become fresh and new and up to the minute. Theres a bird....and birds are "in"....Lyn, can you see the kitten ?


  1. Love the owls! Yes am sure your right that these things go round and come back into vogue.
    cant see the kitten.......will have to nip round and have a look lol
    It looks to be an interesting book and the triptych is charming!

  2. Kitten is bottom right on a round shape, might have to click on pic and blow it up a bit. It's based on Chessie the sleeping kitten which was adopted as the mascot of Chesapeake and Ohio Railway in 1920. There are several and really cute.