Sunday, 23 June 2013

charity shop dress

A Frank Usher beaded dress from the charity shop for a pittance.....damaged.... so I wanted it to strip off the beads. It was a size 12 shift with cap sleeves. Finally got around to doing it. Cut it into small pieces and tackled it while watching TV. Soon got into a rhythm.... all that is left of the dress,name label, two shoulder pads and the beads.......
it soon turned into 1Ib 12ozs of beads. Wearing it must have been a nightmare...or maybe it was like a mini workout ! a 10cm square had a quarter of an ounce of beads which added up to 808 beads. They were hand sewn with a back stitch.......probably by young Indian boys in a sweatshop....808 beads stitched to a 10cm square .................for a pittance.....wonder how long it took them to do a whole dress........and how much they got ? Did the charity shop get more for a damaged dress than they did for sewing it?


  1. Blimey! You have the patience of Jobe lol but enough beads there to edge a cushion like the actress Liza lolol

  2. edge a cushion ???? lol wouldn't even make a dent in the volume of enough for a whole stall full of Christmas ornaments....but open to more suggestions. Make a dazzling stall though.... made me many beads were there in the dress...
    maths not being my strong 808 beads to quarter of an ounce...equals 3,232 beads to an ounce...times by 28 ounces....equals a staggering 90,496 beads per dress...I AM NOT COUNTING THEM TO and don't expect a Christmas stall this might take the rest of my life to complete lol