Tuesday, 22 October 2013

crochet blankets

the previously posted... charity blanket, another charity shop find 9-7-13,
and another...while I was in the mood... wool from my stash... This is much bigger, the large squares are about a foot square.
I went wrong with one of the four small square blocks....I'm not a perfectionist...I  am not taking it out to correct it...it can stay that way...My youngest son has got his eye on this one... wonder how long it will be until someone notices the mistake...lol


  1. Lifes too short to go looking for a mistake unless you turn it into a Where's Wally kind of activity? lol
    Love the white surround one, just shows how you can make a yarn look even greater by good colour mixing and design placing - brill results there.

  2. Thanks Lyn,I enjoyed doing the flower power one, the colours were so cheerful....deffo a keeper.