Tuesday, 31 December 2013


After many years of storage in my wardrobe...my daughters college and degree coursework got sorted while she was down for a few days for Christmas... It's whittled down considerably leaving a big pile for burning and tipping. I resisted sorting through it with the idea of chopping and collaging photos, sketches and handwriting and did as she asked...tipped it. Amongst the unwanted bits were some photocopies...not sure if they are ink jet or toner printed. I had unused paper from the back of unwanted sketchbooks...so I wet the pictures and placed them between two pages and left to dry out a bit and repeated until photocopy fell to pieces. I thought the ink would make interesting, indistinct marks on the paper and so would be useful as a background for drawing over or collaging or layering up with acetate masks...next year! (they were ink-jet prints, forgot toner prints need spirits)

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