Friday, 13 February 2015

Withernsea Hornsea Eastgate Pottery 1970 ish

We often used to have a ride on our Triumph bike to Withernsea market in the car park of the old railway station.....and visit the pottery shop. It had mostly the tree trunks with fawns type of thing that are so collectable today. One day we spotted these Knights....there was at least a third knight..."Frying Knight" one with a frying pan in hand, not sure if there were more . We bought Conquering  Knight and Watering Knight on separate visits. I have never seen another one since. No marks on bottom but a space for a mark is let into the base.
We often went to Hornsea Pottery too where we bought amongst other pieces the cobalt blue mugs with gold writing like an apothecary poison vessel, strychnine and cyanide which I still have.

Withernsea, Eastgate and Hornsea Potteries  have some links....and Hornsea to Bridlington Pottery. .. none of which I have really gone into.
I love these knights and they have been through the wars...the shields are chipped or cracked etc but I don't really want to part with them. They were actually bought as seconds, Watering Knight has a dragon between his feet...that needed gluing wasn't broken it had never been assembled....and the other knight need its shield gluing on.
I have a vague thoughts/memory that they may have been bought in and not made at the Withernsea Pottery as we never saw any more...What happened to Frying Knight ? where has he been living for over 40yrs....why haven't I seen any on ebay?
Why am I thinking about this now ? well time has come for my display cabinet to go....but not the knights !!

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  1. Oh no don't let them go!
    Ive never seen them before either but they would be perfect caricatures even now, so they were ahead of their time back in the day!