Thursday, 7 April 2016

Rag rugging

I have being giving a weekly workshop on various forms of rag a group of women (and one man) at the local Time Bank
I took a variety of old tools
 after trying various tools...the Ikea pencil as a prodder was one persons choice and the blind lady liked the split dolly peg best. The huge paperclip worked well as "toothbrush" tool as did the Ikea pencil with the paperclip to thread the rag through....

 a crochet hook with a cork on the palm end was favoured here
 This lady wanted to learn as her mother who now has memory problems talked about rug making...she started by prodding but her mum said she had a metal tool so she started to work with a bodger....
 this is the blind lady doing it by feel...prodding with the dolly peg tool
and a modern latchet hook pre cut rug kit.
a proddy rug made from fleece on a hessian back.
the start of a crocheted rag rug and a toothbrush one on the right.

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