Thursday, 7 July 2011

no prizes for guessing where I ended up !

Thought I might as well use the bits and pieces from the hospital and stick them in the book. The glue off the sticky ECG tabs was so o o hard to get off my skin. The Drs bless em said it was unstable angina and wanted to whisk me away to the heart wards out in the sticks for another angiogram. Its only a year since I had one.........So taking it easy for a bit.........
I have been pottering around trying to throw away/give away stuff I haven't got around to using. You know, less for the kids to do if I pop my cloggs before I think I should. So I've been thinking of doing a giveaway online of some of the things I have found. Will anyone be interested I wonder? Anyway I will post a picture of the stuff soon and see what happens.

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