Saturday, 30 July 2011


My mate Lyn is doing a mystery give away over on her blog http:/ You just have to leave a nice comment, she is celebrating nearly 11,000 views.
I am still adding to my speculative giveaway which I will start on 1st August and pick a name......if anyone spots my giveaway..... on 31st August.
My giveaway is to see how many people read this blog in a month. I am just a baby in blog viewing numbers. Doesn't help if I haven't done much to blog about and I didn't want to blog too much about illness.
 My only daughter has been to see me before she marries her sweetheart. Next time I see her she will have changed her name. How I wish I could have been there. A while ago we sat down and discussed what would spoil her big day more......not having her mum there (her dad is dead) or mum being there and being ill and the upset and worry it would entail. They are getting married on the beach in Bali which will be very special for them. When I get back on my feet I will feel like I should have gone and risked it, but right now I know it is the right decision.


  1. Still think your right avoiding the heat, hassle, travel and worry about maybe keeling over in a foreign climate! Your health is up and down at best of times recently so I know you wont have made the decision lightly not to go. Maybe they could arrange a blessing back here later on for the rest of you? Hope it all goes well for them and maybe you can see it online with Marks guidance. Go on, get him out of bed!!!

  2. they are not into that sort of thing but I will hopefully have a mobile phone picture at the appropiate time.Think I will be awake for 7am on the day crying my eyes out with sadness (because I'm not there for her)and joy for her and Nick. I might even go mad and sit with my feet in a tray of sand with a glass of champange !