Monday, 1 August 2011

GIVEAWAY open now !

2 pieces of vintage (unused) dress cotton and a used piece of vintage bark cloth (curtaining)  3 strips of space dyed cotton,a small piece of rust dyed silk, rust dyed cotton, piece of rust dyed old table cloth. Bulders scrim, coconut discs, some square shell buttons and 2 red heart beads.
Sitchcraft magazine March 1954 with transfer intact, colour picture on back of magazine. More vintage embroidery transfers including sweet little dutch children, borders and waterlilys.
Vintage Dennisons Crepe (purple) assorted transfoils, vintage sheet music, vintage dress pattern made into sheets of paper (and a book made with some of this) and  a thingy for measuring angles on like a thick greaseproof paper. ( what is it called?) Its see through, great for mixed media.
Giveaway open for you to leave a comment on the blog until 31st August. You do not have to be a follower of the blog, although it would be nice if you were, and if you mention it on your blog let me know and I guess you should get an extra name in the hat if you did. Is that fair? Will post anywhere in the world. Always supprised at all the names of countries that turn up and sometimes have to check where in the world they are ! So guess is a thankyou to all who have read some of my blog at some time or other !


  1. Thats a really great bundle of goodies!Dont put me in the draw I have enough Treasures to give away too!

  2. Count me in, what a lovely bundle of treasures, thanks for the give away.

  3. I came via liniecat and am glad I did -- your giveaway looks wonderful -- I agree, it's fun to see where people visit from. I'm from Denver, Colorado in the USA.

    And thank you!

  4. I am also here via Liniecat and what wonders do I see! Your altered pages are beautiful! I am from Richland, Washington in the USA. (225 miles southeast of Seattle.)

  5. thankyou ladies for dropping by. Was telling Liniecat that people look at my blog, but at specific posts. Frozen fountain,Welick weekend,home taping is killing music and Mitz and the rust ones but completely miss the giveaway because of it! So the good news is that you are in with a great chance of winning !!