Wednesday, 13 March 2013

thing-y off ebay

Spotted this on eBay...advertised as a "very rare' french knitting... sewing...craft...rug making.. thing......Put opening offer on and forgot about it. I intended to research it and be outbid by those in the know.... but forgot about it until I "won" it. Four interconnecting metal bits fixed into the turned wooden piece. The end unscrews and holds 6 of the pins. The pins are quite spring-y and the ends clip together and hold extremely well........Million dollar question...WHAT IS IT? Do the pins relate to it, if not what is the hollow end for ? Anyone know ?
It's the pins that throw me....I cannot imagine their use. Don't think it is rug making or sewing , definitely not french knitting but
Thursday.........Think I have worked out what it is.....a spurtle or a dibber would work just as well.....infact a tube out of the centre of baking aluminium foil or rolled up paper.......suggestions so far are whisk and hair curler....


  1. i came over from Lyn's blog. don't know what it is but you might post it on facebook. i bet someone will identify it there.

  2. hello there ! welcome ! I have put it on facebook as you suggested.....thankyou.