Sunday, 25 August 2013

apple tree and bugs

When we moved to this house in the early 80s the children loved the big garden but it lacked the apple tree to climb in. They wanted us to plant one.We explained that it took years to grow big enough for them to climb in, and by that time they would be too big to want to climb it, but they still wanted us to plant an apple tree....We decided on a dwarf tree so that they could at least pick the apples easily. With all the peculiar weather over the last few years the disease spread quickly and I decided it had to come down. The garden look so much bigger without the's amazing the difference. The birds, especially the tits and the robin loved the tree but since the disease spread even they lost interest in it.
It was 7/8 feet across and about 14 feet high. We did it in stages, burning the leaves, twigs and small branches as we went...

after this...the chainsaw...all that is left is a stump...big enough NOT to be a trip hazzard....and an irritating reminder to dig out the

This red bug is not a regular ladybird shape, has no spots and descended on the these Lilly's as they were at the end of their flowering and they rapidly died off.....Having to keep a close eye on my Japanese Acers as some bug is loving the moist humid conditions and it leaves white fluffy powdery deposits. I tried some specialist bug stuff but now am using methylated spirits on a cotton bud to wipe it off...any ideas ?




    1. I did try Google to find them but failed. This is the first year I have seen them. I'll isolate the pot, cut off and burn the stalks, expose the lilly bulbs to the sun and burn the soil they are case the young are hiding in there....learn something new every day !!Thanks Lyn !!