Wednesday, 28 August 2013

yet another bellycast and snow people

inspite of having weeks to go, this baby turned up a few days after her cast was done...mum and baby
doing fine.
Whilst I had the ModRoc out I had a go at covering bottles which looked like the making of Christmassy people, for the Nativity or carol singers or jolly snowmen (or women) Asda's fruit juices, washing up liquid bottles a HP sauce bottle and a Mars drink. All of them have ball pool heads. (cheaper than polystyrene or spun cotton/paper especially when working with large numbers of participants )
Rolled up bubble wrap make arms. Either just the ends to make them flexible for inserting into cosy jackets or full "snow" arms .
When they are dressed I'll pop back and put a picture on to clean up the mess !!

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