Monday, 28 July 2014

car boot, garden centre and Veterans Day in East Park

what a day yesterday....everything aches today....
In the morning Lyn took me to Skirlington Market near Hornsea....neither of us have been for's a mix of market and carboot sales. I had to smile as the last time I was there one could buy hot dogs, burgers, fish and chips and bacon with the times I spotted at least two Chinese take-aways...a trailer with a super duper coffee making machine....thats all it sold....wonder how long they have been trading.... The latest craze at the moment is the little elastic loops that kids are looping on a loom to make bracelets.....and there were stalls selling nothing but them at a £1 a small package... stalls piled high with the things and people buying 10 and 20 packets at a time....... Even in the carboot there were stalls cashing in on the loopy craze...
At the carboot I practised real restraint.....I could have had some 25g balls of yarn in delightful colours that had been given away with the Joy of Crochet part series.....20p a ball......I have some I bought from a charity shop....previously .... and have not used I walked away.....but they kept tugging me back.....Lyn bought some when we got separated for a while...and again I was tempted.....but I resisted..... was was
what I actually bought....a whole £2 worth....

silk and chiffon head squares 50p, 3bottles 50p dress £ the fabric so retro....
The book, Great Garter Stitch, (Jean Leinhouser and Rita Weiss £3.99) was from the garden centre where we stopped for lunch on the way back.... I loved the vest of many colours on the front and it would be a great stash buster. When the weather cools down I'll make a start on it.... There are at least 5 more patterns in the book I may attempt too...bargain !
At the garden centre the tempting array of cakes on show made it hard to choose....Lyn had a white chocolate and raspberry roularde and I had an orange pannacotta slab......which were delicious......
After Lyn dropped me back home I rested up for a while before deciding I would like to go to the  Veterans Day in East legs and back were not happy at all....and the heat....I was hurting and melting....
I have never seen the park so full of people, it was teeming.....
Plenty to see and to do and to top it off the Battle of Britain flypast did three passes over the park. The Spitfire and Hurricane looked so tiny either side of the Lancaster....they almost looked like toys... and on the ground there was a copy of the Spitfire and a Messerschmidt and they looked so tiny and did the flyers manage?
I wanted to take photos but the crowds of people made it almost impossible. I hung around to get a clear shot of these from WW1.
 the wounded at the front line would be transported on one these  or in the horse drawn ambulance.

I have to say that these photos don't really convey the basic-ness  of the transport. The ambulance is so basic inside yet outside it is varnished wood with etched windows....
I tried to get photos of the women dresses as WW1 nurses....but by now the numbers of people seemed to have swelled waiting for the Red Arrows flypast.

The Women's Land Army stand had three remarkable women with a vast array of artifacts.....and a willingness to many stories of privations, the spartan life and the rats endured for their country and the enduring friendships formed.
I am proud to present Muriel Berzins who was one of the 60 girls billited at Howden Hostel for 7years,  sleeping on doublebed bunks....up at 6.15 in all weathers.
Iris Newbould

 Dorothy Taylor whom the other two described as the Lynch pin and organiser of the artifacts on the stand.

The missing one of their quartet is Elsie Sills who can be seen here with the others at "The Women's Land Army Memorial" Clochan, Morayshire.
Sculptor, (a local man, a few miles away in Beverley,) Peter Wallwork Naylor (his photo/ postcard) the same artist who did the 158 Squadron on Liniecat@Large blogspot.
Hats off to the sculptor.... brilliant concept that captures the young spirit inside these lovely ladies.

All around the park were people who collect memorabilia be it British forces, German, Russian, uniform and kit artifacts to huge lorries and tanks.  This year I saw American west represented....complete with a dentist tent ! Tucked away was a stand with some ancient army represented....I was interested but my legs were not willing and in fact I wondered if I had the stamina to get home. Ideally I wanted a taxi but I think even an ambulance or fire engine if needed would have found it difficult to get were everywhere....the surrounding streets were lined as afar away as my house, both sides of the road was chock a block. Even the playing field car park was used.
I'm guessing .......a successful

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  1. If Id had the energy Id have joined you in the park but I was jiggered by time I dropped you off lol
    How lovely though to have chatted to the ladies there with their reminiscences and I adore that gate!
    Your right, especially compared to the Pilots one at Lisset, the gate looks cheery and full of fun! Just delightful,
    Compared to the emergency evacuation vehicles there lol ambulances now are streamlined!!