Sunday, 6 July 2014

todays stats..old post.Lampshade sentinals

amazed to see that through Pinterest a number of people are looking up these lampshade ladies...over 70 in the last two days and 39 that is busy for my blog ! Thankyou to all that have visited , so pleased you are interested...They are slightly over five feet the time I had an idea that I would try and get women to make a small piece of art work ...embroidery.. etc to Honour the significant women in our lives...and  to cover the form with them for International Women's Day....illness got in the way .....other things took time that dream never got fulfilled...but so lovely to see the interest and hope someone has a go at making one. They look great covered in dressmakers tissue too. I would have put another picture up here but can't seem to find it on the computer.....

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