Wednesday, 19 November 2014

latest EYES course at Hull School of Art

Ok... computer is in a world of its own....doing what it wants to...gerr !
Annemarie the 2nd year tutor and I think the weave tutor and ? an ex student ? now teaching ?  came with a wonderful display of work of all levels from the textile degree course run at Hull School of Art. They delivered a power point presentation between them and gave a good description of the course now in its ?fourth year....with an amazing array of successes in competitions for a course so young. What was interesting was the links to industry...usually we have talks where we ooh and ahh over the stitches or the skills of patchwork or whatever their skill is in...etc..or someones life's story in textiles. This talk was different... I thourouly enjoyed it.
These are just a few on pics to enlarge....
I haven't seen Annemarie for about 10yrs since I stopped wandering around the campus looking at students work and chatting to staff....Security has changed a lot since then ! I did a HND there and topped it up to a Degree in Fine Art....using lots of textile based techniques.... lol.

Had the workmen in and out and nothing finished.....thats another story !!!

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