Saturday, 29 November 2014

Santa on the buses

I was greeted by Santa on the Stagecoach bus this morning....the bus was all trimmed up with tinsel.....and the driver had a festive jumper on over his uniform....and I was given a bauble with a number on for a prize draw... Christmas carols were playing.... my number was called out and I won a Mega-rider voucher valid up to March....(free weeks worth of travel) I have my over 60s card I didn't need I offered it to a young woman with a child in a buggy sat  across the bus to me......Next time they pulled a number out.....SHE had the bauble with the right number on it ! Christmas had come early for that young woman !! £25 shopping voucher !!
Santa was at the front window of the bus waving to all and sundry.....he got smiles and waves and mouthed "Merry Christmases"  He got off before the passengers and talked to the people at the bus stop.....cracking jokes....lots of good natured banter....
So "thank you" to the Stagecoach team on the bus doing the prize draw...the Driver and Santa....for an entertaining bus ride into town centre today..... It was lovely seeing the response to Santa waving to people....a simple little action....but spreading much joy .....

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