Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Horncastle workshop

My friend could not attend a workshop she had booked so I went in her place. The tutor was Linda Westerman and the venue was Horncastle college. Linda had been inspired by some wrapped sticks she had seen on a programme about an archelogical dig in South America and made a whole body of work around them. She went on to make books and bags for the books to be kept in. I had taken what was required on the list, others, more experienced students seemed to have taken half their workroom stash with them!! How I wished I 'd had this and that with me ! The little bags that Linda had made had been worked on canvas panels....well I don't really get on with canvas.... The other bags she brought were white cotton.... So I did my take on them but made them out of the silk and put a beaded handle on. They still need finishing Instead of a book to go inside I decided to do a wrapped stick with one page on so that each stick would have text or image and could displayed individually. Keeping with her dig theme I made a stump doll showing off the spica bandaging I did when I was a nurse. Aged it, rubbed dirt into it....It was named George by the other students and they even made a poem about him ! The bigger book has pages made from Pampas grass and leaves found in the grounds, aged, gessoed, aged some more, the cover is strips of silk aged, gessoed and then stitched. The little concertina book was made to write Georges poem in. Everyone agreed that George needed a tomb so Linda is going to send me a wine box to turn into a tomb for him. Really enjoyed the whole experience.


  1. There you are, you see, not only have I found the blog at last, but youve obviously enjoyed chatting to yourself on here lol
    Happy blogging ! :)