Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Rust Play

Playing with old squashed rusty drinks cans aquired from the car park at the shops ! I was going to throw away some small pieces of material when I spotted that they were the right size for a plastic tub, also about to be thrown away and both were perfect size for the squashed cans.  I layered up the material, squashed cans and more material and so on then covered the lot in dishwasher salt and water and left overnight. Being too impatient to leave them any longer I had to have a quick peek and Hey Presto rusty stains on the cloth !! Why did I use dishwasher salt? because I had found some at the back of the cupboard I was clearing out ! (yes I do some housework occasionally!) Now the fabric was pristine white so Lyn suggested that I tea stained it to knock back the colour so thats what I did. Love the odd grey and black stains, not sure how they appeared. Still thinking what to do with them.....I also chucked in some tissue paper and hand made paper while I was at it ! Play ! play ! play !

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