Monday, 5 July 2010

"The Wall" again..

My "bus shelter" is full of things embedded in the second skin of the back wall. the sides are traditional double skin, the roof is polycarbonate to let the light in. On a night, the moonlight is wonderfull and sitting the rain is great fun ! I can dye fabric, make felt and play with messy things, to my hearts content. It was smothered in a clematis but a short sudden downpour with a massive drop in temperature killed it off last year. It was most bizzare, the leaves went limp and turned black overnight. The bench is supported on the porch supports from next door, I rescued them from the skip. So pleased with them. Hopefully you will be able to bring the next photo up full screen and pick out various items embedded in it. Each thing has a reason to be included, there two cameras, the Box Brownie shutter still clicks, a bakerlite telephone, a pink glass candle stick that was a part of a dressing table set owned by my daughter. The handle off my late mums wardrobe, window stays off the old leaded lights that were either side of the front door. Old ink bottles, a shoe last that belonged to my uncle who was a cobbler. See if you can see them.

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