Sunday, 23 January 2011

golden oldies

Sold off the record collection from 1960s to 1980s (mine and  my late husbands) 78s LPs EPs and singles. Even had a 12" single !! Will give daughter the money towards a pair of diamond earings for her wedding day as her dad will not be there. Those of you who are too young to know (!) in the top picture are LPs....Long Players which played at thirty three and a third speed and had several tracks The next picture is of 78s which came before LPs.... with a couple of sleeves off singles (played at 45 rpm) all showing adverts for Sidney Scarbroughs record shop in Hull. You could go in and request to hear a record, go into a little sound proof booth and listen to it. I remember Stardisc and Regis Records two other record shops. I used to have a Dancette record player and still have a Fidelity PORTABLE record player. Portable in as much as a strong arm was needed to carry it to the house where we were gathering and another strong arm was needed to carry the pile of records. Other people would bring their selection as well. To take out on picnics we had a battery operated compact player and a little carrying box  for a selection of records.


  1. Great posts, all them memories! Sound booths too lol when you could listen before you bought.

    Radio Caroline was one pirate ship, thats the one I listened to and like you, radio Luxemburg.
    I still use a small 50s transistor radio which does have a plug in to run it from electricity and it has Luxemburg on the dial .......but I never seem to get it any more! Fancy that.........

  2. radio Caroline ofcourse, but was there one in the North Sea ? or am I mis remembering .....? Sound booths, often you just went for a free listen....and not buy....