Saturday, 1 January 2011

Talking of my mam....

My mum gave me some time ago a black home made draught excluder  of some considerable age, the cover was made of  WW2 blackout material. When I eventually needed to wash it, the cover fell apart and exposed these stockings. Fully fashioned stockings, with a seam up the back, when did they go out of fashion? late 50s early 60s ? Look at the repairs on them, the darning and re-darning to keep them wearable during the tail end of the Make Do and Mend era. Were they my mums stockings?
Fully fashioned stockings invoke the glamour of the old films, post WW2 fashions with the nip waisted full skirted dresses.
I must do something with these to recognise the resourcefulness of the women who made and mended to stay glamorous when times were hard.  Any suggestions as to what I could do with them ?
Also there were offcuts of rosebud material which I remember making dolls nighties with and some blue dress material.

When I was growing up my Mum made me wear stockings when my friends wore the new fangled tights. It was a case of modesty, yes, MODESTY ! If I wore stockings which needed suspenders to hold them up, I would be MORE conscious of of keeping my dress down modestly around my knees than I would if wearing tights. TIGHTS according to mum encouraged young girls to be amoral !!  MUM!!!


  1. Just wonderful! looked at the upside down legs that they were putting out on display in Marks n Spencers with tights fitted on them earlier..........too big to get in my bag and run off with but exactly what you need to display the stockings just right!
    Can see you sat in the front room with a pair of upside down legs on a shelf lolol
    Now there must be ex shop display places you can buy them surely? But what would they bge called?????? lol
    Oh and those darns in stockings used to never feel comfy........but maybe that was my darning technique?

  2. These darns look lumpy.... Been on EBay and spotted a see-throu hoisery display leg for £15. Might just have to buy one !