Monday, 23 June 2014

more coat for a boat/follow the herring

Harry made this barrel specially for the project, it names all the places Follow the Herring is going to.
inside and on top are some of the pieces we made on Harry's workshop.

a small display of childrens work on the project in Central Library.
I went to see the play, Get up and tie your fingers at Hull Truck, it had three main characters, all female struggling to come to terms with the aftermath of the Eyemouth disaster of 1881 and a large female choir dressed as herring girls. It wasn't quite a musical as such, as the choir provided background sounds as well as the songs....more of a kind of sung narrative. It invoked a vast array of emotions in the audience and the comments book had many "moved to tears" "sobbing" messages in it.
The knitted picture looked great on the wall there, even better than I remembered...see it on Lyns blog..Linniecat at large blogspot.... she did the faces...making them look like real characterful individuals.

All the yarn bombing is down now...the square looks drab and bare...
It's all washed and repaired until we can use it somewhere washing line looks drab and bare now too !!


  1. I missed the library display - bummer!
    that barrel is a delight, wonder if it will travel with the exhibition? It probably should

  2. barrel is staying in Holy Trinity with Ken in the forces/ fishing corner as a talking point for the fish market and herring girls. I'm giving him my herring girl as well.