Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Vintage sewing collection and Jackies journey

Two members of EYES stepped in when a speaker couldn't come.... Brenda Stapleton who is well known in the Patchwork circles and Jackie Ward-Lomax a relatively newcomer but prolific convert !
Brenda shared some of her of vintage collection with us.....Samplers of all shapes, sizes and age...other textiles, and other bits and pieces...

The whole cloth quilt was marked by a professional who's name escapes me...which would have been costly....but on closer inspection has a patched blanket inside ! 
 we were shown various textiles, samplers, embroideries and velvet painted and decorated with sealing wax roses
 Silks, pre war as they stopped producing for the war effort ? from Kensitas ciggys
 Queen Victoria surrounded by her Prime Ministers pin cushion
 Shop counter drawers which would have contained needles
 now holds knitting needle gauges
This is a clever vintage little work bag which I will do a post on when I have made one...

Jackie retired from teaching and took up wood carving...!! not twiddly little bits but tree trunks !! She then moved on to textiles...in various forms but mainly patchwork and embroidery. She brought many examples of her work....she explained her inspiration behind the works...
she started with a hanging inspired by the Indian window hangings which let air into the room and stops people from looking in....She started it when she had a broken arm and wanted to occupy herself as well as chart her healing process...the little squares were perfect to hold and sew .....and on closer inspection the squares do indeed tell the tale.

This one is a lovely family tree...the view I could get of it as it was closely inspected all the time !! There was a lovely cloth book were she had reproduced drawings by the grandchildren in stitch. and many other pieces.

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