Monday, 16 June 2014

yarn bombing

I have tied to put these up before but the  lappy has a mind of its own and wouldn't let me. The place that stores the pictures wouldn't let get at them and boxes kept popping up saying I had used all the space but I also got little boxes saying more pictures has been added but were blued out etc etc etc

OK don't know what is happening .....tried to insert a picture here and I get a silly little box with a much bigger one around it ! 

On the Saturday when it poured down with rain and the yarn bombers that stayed to the end with Sue Mcbride who organised it got soaked to the skin.....we decorated Holy Trinity Square seat arm rests and lamposts and the tree railings....The Church office has a window with little panes of glass...each one filled with a herring. 
Thats as many pictures as I have the patience to try and put up as the machine I am working on has a ****** life of its own !!!!
On the Sunday in Queen Victoria Square we covered 4 benches like this

  and 2 canons. We attracted a lot of attention from children and adults, lots of smiles and          encouragement.
By Monday one bench cover had been stolen so on the Tuesday I fashioned another out of a ladies jumper I had bought to unravel for the wool and a bit of fun knitting...stitched on a fishes I hadn't finished and a few felt ones.and fitted it with extra tie wraps top and bottom !! It lasted a few days before being seen on the Saturday ripped in half....but still attached firmly to the bench...the remaining one was also hanging off its I removed it and all the tie wraps...
I give up on this one.....this lappy is draining all the fun we had doing the yarn bombing.....its worse than the vandals.....geRRRR

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