Friday, 9 May 2014

allsorts...getting up to date...

can't remember if i put these up...they were showing at Hull...felt balls the size of mothballs...beautifully embroidered by Claire Molyihon (I think...) please click on picture to get bigger size...exquisite
I took these a while back...this is an art work in the stairwell of the new health centre on Hessle Road...the heart of the old fishing industry in Hull....It records the name of the terraced houses and who lived in them and their occupations around 1900. Occupations long since gone in most cases....a fascinating insight into a way of life of  people of my grandparents and great grandparents generations. These houses may not have had rear access and they may have had a communal toilet block serving the whole terrace....usually three to six toilets depending on the number of houses in the terrace... Or they may have had an outdoor toilet in a tiny enclosed yard...... containing the large tin bucket..... which  would be collected by the " night soil men" walking through the house, picking up the bucket and walking back through your house to empty it on a cart....!  The cart would go the outskirts of the city.....and the contents would be manure for the market gardeners !!!! lettuces...cucumbers...tomatoes anyone???

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