Friday, 16 May 2014

Gloves and Sarah Burgess

When the years list of speakers was revealed last September I was thrilled to bits to see something on gloves...I still have a pair I used to wear in the 1970s..old gold in colour...I only have them because my daughter gave them back to me after she had claimed them and had worn them for years... I have a collection of gloves....bought a carrier bag full from a charity garden party....some years ago. on the top were some long kid gloves which I wanted at the time for the dolls house club to make handbags and gloves in 1/12th scale....To think I cut them up....!!!!
Sarah came to talk to the Embroidery Society May 10th and I throughly enjoyed it..

This an embroidered story in her own words of a glove maker talking about the quality expected and the hard work. Sarah talked about the homeworkers and a major glove factory and the workers and the conditions.

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